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Great Efestivals: review:
"I take my hat off to the people behind the wonderful food! They are Cafe Chameleon and they provide a seemingly endless selection of delights all weekend offering a different menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with each menu offering a combination of meat and vegetarian choices to keep us all happy".
Thanks guys!

We are cafe chameleon, and we are innovative festival caterers
Your festival is different. So you don’t want one-size fits all catering. café chameleon will work with you to agree exciting, nutritious, ethical, good-value menus especially for your event
festival caterers providing fine food from cafe chameleon
Artists & Crew Caterer
Crew Standon

We know catering for your hungry crew and demanding artists requires sensitive handling. We promise innovative thinking, flexibility to cope with changing circumstances, professionalism, stamina and great food exactly when it’s needed! We also give you our word that when we have agreed a budget, we will stick to it, and give you the best experience; we will always go the extra mile.

Your Kit or Ours?

At bigger festivals, the promoter often provides a suitably-sized canteen marquee, tables, chairs, electricity water, a dry store, a dedicated toilet and access to backstage showers. We’ll bring the kitchen, all utensils, refrigeration and staff. At some smaller festivals, we will agree to supply a kitchen tent, and you can hire a 45ft marquee from us as a canteen. We do have our own generator, but at most festivals the electrician and H&S team prefer to keep all supplies under their own control backstage.

Keeping Track...

We’ve found that for smaller festivals, we can work from a guest list with a checkable box for each meal. For larger festivals, either coded wristbands, or meal vouchers are the low tech options to validate your crew and artist’s eligibility. We are also happy to work with swipe card readers etc. Talk to us to find which is best for you.

Reasonable Deposit

Due to the commitment, effort and up-front cost we incur to prepare for your festival; we will ask you for a reasonable up-front deposit.

Exciting, Nutritious, Filling Menus

Please see our sample menus, but don’t worry if you don’t see what you like - we can start from scratch and devise menus to fit your wishes. Or you may prefer to leave it to us so we can use ingredients locally-sourced on the day. We can cater for all food preferences: vegan, veggie, GF, dairy free,” no nuts” and other dietary requirements that your guests may have.

Clare and Billy Ocean

Billy Ocean gives Clare a “Thank you” hug!

Clare and Billy Ocean - Plate

.... and writes his thanks on a plate!

Here are some of the events where we have been proud to be artist and/or crew caterer:

Bespoke Artist & Crew Catering

Being backstage, artist and crew caterer, is always a great honour, very enjoyable, and the hardest work in catering! We always provide a bespoke service - all festivals have different expectations, and recently much, much tighter budgets, so for your hungry workers we adopt a “plenty and tasty” approach.

Flexible Artist & Crew Caterer

We always offer “seconds”, ad-lib bread and butter, and as much carbs as you want. To help out with the pressures of festival set-ups, we always promise to have a hearty soup or similar at the ready between set meal times for any workers who have over-run the meal times.

Chilled Artist & Crew Caterer

We can do night service, packed lunches for the security workers, fulfil even quite tricky rider requests from artists and strive to create as close to an oasis of calm that the build phase of a festival can achieve!

Cheerful Artist & Crew Caterer

On show days, well….. maybe we should be considering onsite head massage! But as it is, we can always raise a cheery smile, even if the canteen tent is buzzing, we promise to be cheerful and do our maximum to make your show a blinder. We love it!

Your Artist & Crew Caterer!

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